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Access the Collection

The CofGâr collection is your collection. It contains over 50,000 objects across five museums, collected over more than a century by hundreds of people. Maybe your family have objects here that they donated?


But caring for all these objects is a big job. And we only have a small team. Our CofGâr team are often busy with conservation, exhibition planning, or meeting and greeting our wonderful visitors. So providing access to the collection isn't as easy as it seems. In fact, for most objects, degradation happens every time they are moved. So we're careful not to move them unless we have to do so.


That’s why we kindly ask that, if you’d like to access our collection in any way, please use the enquiry form below to tell us why you would like access so that we can make preparations and schedule a booking. Be as specific as possible. We cannot take any walk-in appointments.


The charges for accessing the collections are as follows:


Private/individual, per hour £30 For research carried out on behalf of an individual 


Commercial, per hour




For research carried out on behalf of an organisation


Please note that charges include time taken to locate, retrieve and condition check objects, as well as the time taken to return them.


Collections Access Enquiry Form