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Whether Carmarthenshire is your home, or you’re visiting from further afield, the CofGâr museums are here to share with you compelling chapters from the rich history of Carmarthenshire.


From the world records created on its beaches to nearly half of the world’s tinplate being manufactured in Carmarthenshire and Wales in the 19th century, the county has a rich and varied history that our family of museums lovingly showcases.

More about CofGâr

We are CofGâr, Carmarthenshire County Council’s museums and arts service.


At CofGâr, we believe that our past shapes who we are today, and it is our mission to keep the Carmarthenshire story, and the past alive.  Our Welsh name is a blend of memory and place (cof = memory and Gâr from the shortened county name).


However, it’s not just about sharing the stories of yesterday. At CofGâr we want to kindle ideas and encourage people to positively shape the future.


We are constantly striving towards this as we curate 50,000 years of our community’s heritage within the CofGâr collection of museums and we’re only just getting started!  Stay tuned for more updates and if you like what you see, why not join us as a volunteer or friend?  We’d love to hear from you.


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