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A Butter Print

Is the butter or spread in the fridge at home in a colourful tub? This plastic container was one of hundreds brought to the shop on a lorry. And the tasty contents were made in a factory many miles away.


But before the days of railways and modern road transport, butter was both made and used locally.


Carmarthenshire is ideal for dairy cows. The climate is mild and the animals can feed off all that green grass.


Small farms had their own cows and a dairy. Wives, servants and children churned the milk into butter. Important food for the farming family.


And because money was tight, some was sold. It was weighed, then stamped with a print ready for market.


Who was J. Morgan? We don't know. But this butter print said that their butter was the best on sale.


Prints were carved out of sycamore because this wood did not leave a funny taste on the butter.


There were many print shapes and sizes, but canoe‑shaped ones were a popular in Carmarthenshire.

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