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At present, only self-led visits to Carmarthenshire Museum are available to schools. Parc Howard Museum and the Museum of Land Speed open up in 2023 and both will offer different learning experiences. We aim to offer new on-site and on-line learning experiences and workshops in the future.  As part of this, facilitated sessions to support the new Curriculum in Wales will become available.


Carmarthenshire Museum and the Bishops Park

A trip can include both the museum and the Bishop's Park. One school per day can visit the museum, Tuesday to Friday.  For now bookings for the Bishop's Park need to be arranged separately. For more information, see their website for lots of learning ideas or contact


The museum building has a history of its own, having been the palace of the Bishops of St Davids. Our displays represents chapters in the Carmarthenshire story. The permanent galleries bring to life Carmarthenshire’s Changemakers, people in the past who helped shape our present.  Learning spaces include the Victorian schoolroom, the Home Front, the Bishop's Kitchen and the Bishop's Chapel.


Opening in 2023 is the new Discovery Gallery.  This gallery uses museum collections, short-term exhibitions and interactives to inspire conversations about environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Our larger special exhibitions are an opportunity to explore subjects in more depth. These films describe how young people used a museum exhibition exploring imperfection to inspire a peer-led creative project.



Parc Howard Museum

This museum is closed for refurbishment until summer 2023. A visit will take you through the unique story of social change and resilient spirit in Llanelli told through the museum’s collections.  New facilities include an interactive gallery on the theme of childhood, play and invention, and a lunchroom. We have also produced some films about Llanelly Pottery which we hope you find useful.



Museum of Land Speed

This new, environmentally-friendly museum at the seaside opens early in 2023.  It tells Pendine’s extraordinary story at the centre of global land speed records in the 1920s to the present day and offers a unique experience for schools. Audio visual and interactive displays will bring alive real stories of human endeavour and ingenuity, with hands-on learning about geology, physics, and engineering.

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