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Refugees and wounded men

Gifted to the town in 1912, World War One disrupted plans to develop the house and grounds for public benefit. In 1914 Llanelli was one of many places to offer a safe place for Belgians fleeing the German invasion of their country. Several families were housed at Parc Howard, including a couple whose wedding plans had been interrupted by the war. They were married in November and their wedding breakfast at the mansion was paid for by Lady Howard Stepney.


Then in 1915 Parc Howard became a Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital for wounded servicemen. You might recognise some of the rooms that were used as wards in the photographs on this page. Eighteen Red Cross nurses cared for over forty patients and the hospital operated until 1921.


The War Pensions Committee then leased the house for three years to rehabilitate disabled soldiers. It was their stepping stone between hospital and returning to live at home. It may have been Lady Howard Stepney's interest in supporting the needs of the town's people that led to Parc Howard's use in this way.